Shofi Alom’s College Application Essay



I am a persecuted Rohingya born in the middle of a disaster in Myanmar (Burma). In Myanmar, innumerable Rohingya are unable to be educated. The distressed Rohingya desire to obtain an education rather than work while they are adolescents; however, that is not an option. The majority of Rohingya are in poverty and lack access to education. These same people are likewise facing various problems from all directions. Rohingya are thirsty for their freedom and knowledge.

Myanmar’s dictatorship oppressed the freedom of the Rohingya minority. The majority and minority ethnicities had the equal privilege when Burma became independent from Great Britain in 1948. Consequently, over time, the government commenced genocide against the innocent Rohingya. 


Education is the universal key to unlocking any door in the world, and education is also a powerful weapon capable of impacting the whole world without utilizing physical arms. Correspondingly, the Myanmar government was able to dominate the Rohingya because they had insufficient knowledge.

I am fortunate that both of my parents were well educated. They enrolled me in Madrasa (Arabic School) when I could speak, and they enrolled me in a private school when I was five years old. Hence, they knew how influential and crucial it was to be knowledgeable. Nevertheless, my parents hoped to become doctors, engineers, or professors. Continue reading “Shofi Alom’s College Application Essay”